Editorial Norms

Central Eurasian Reader 1 and 2

The ‘Reader’ Section of Wikistan is the digital version and continuation of the Central Eurasian Reader, Vol. 1 & 2. It proposes short reviews of books, collective volumes, articles and book chapters offering innovative research on Central Eurasian societies, past and present.

What is reviewed?

The criteria for the selection of reviewed items are: 1) their belonging to an identified discipline of the human social, economic and political sciences; 2) their original utilisation of primary documentation and/or fieldwork resource; 3) their innovative contribution to the field, notably through a comparative dimension.

Although published exclusively in English, Wikistan and its ‘Reader’ Section endeavour to reflect as completely as possible innovative research published in a variety of languages, especially those of Central Eurasia.

Who reviews?

The reviewer is a researcher belonging to one or several of the disciplines involved by the reviewed publication. He or she is affiliated to an institution different from the reviewed item’s author(s).

How to review?

Concision is highly praised and reviewers are kindly asked to offer a short description of each reviewed item’s content, explain its interest and its originality, through a critique resituated against the background of the state of the art.

The Reader’s ambitions are to help researchers to find their way in an abundant and multiform bibliography, and to provide a panorama of innovation.

Concretely, the average length of a review is of 5,000 signs for a monograph; 1,600 for an article or book chapter; more variable for collective volumes.