Within a few pages, this note convincingly argues against a theory on the origin of the nickname (takhallus) of the famous Naqshbandi shaykh Hidayat-Allah (1626-94). After brief introductory remarks on Khwaja lineages, the author mentions the theory introduced by Haji Nur Haji and Chen Guoguang according to whom the name Afaq/Apaq has been given to the shaykh by the Junghar Khan Ghaldan. The author develops three arguments: (1) the name afaq is the plural form of the Arabic term ufuq (means “horizon, heaven”); (2) it is probably a popular naming thanks to the exceptional popularity of the saint (I add that the manaqib tradition concerning Afaq Khoja confirms this assumption); (3) the Turkic version ‘Apaq’ (rather appaq in Modern Uighur) finds a root in the term aq (white) and an extension in the appellation Aqtaghliq or White Mountain branch, leaded by Afaq Khwaja.

Alexandre Papas, National Centre for Scientific Research, Paris
CER: I-3.5.B-336