This very short article recalls the successive dates of the celebration of tenth-century CE Persian poet Rudaki in the Tajik SSR: the publication of ‘Ayni’s “Anthology” in 1926; the proclamation of Rudaki’s Day in March 1929 — the author sheds light on the role played Vice-Commissar (then Commissar) for Instruction Muhammad Afghan (1898-1937) in the mobilisation of masses under penname ‘Dihqan’ —; the publication of the collective monograph “Master Rudaki” by ‘Ayni again and poet laureate Dihati in 1940; the proclamation of the 1,100th jubilee of Rudaki by Prime Secretary of the Tajik CP Babajan Ghafurov in 1955 — in fact, in 1956 —; the organisation of yearly Rudaki conferences by Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies of Dushanbe, ‘Abd al-Ghani Mirzayeff from 1971 to 1975; and finally the creation of the Rudaki Foundation in 1999, on an initiative by the author. If many dates and protagonists (especially in the State University of Dushanbe) have been forgotten in this short narrative, it provides a useful insight at the development of Persian, and more generally of Oriental studies in Soviet Tajikistan, and to the latter’s contribution to the successive political instrumentations of Persian heritage since the 1920s.

Stéphane A. Dudoignon, National Centre for Scientific Research, Paris
CER: II-5.2.B-443