The author provides Cyrillic transcriptions of Tajik Persian songs on Baha al-Din Naqshband as they have been transmitted to her in Bukhara by the aya-mulla (آیه ملا) Ugil-Ay (b. 1935) and her master Khadija-Khan (b. 1925).  A selection of quatrains attributed to Baha al-Din himself is followed by munajat and nat‘, then by invocations, all successively recited by the aya-mullas of Bukhara during their khatm ceremonies.  Quatrains transmitted by the oral tradition have been added by Nadhr-Allah Yuldashef (aged 75) on Baha al-Din’s devotion to ‘Abd al-Khaliq Ghijduwani.  This publication offers a rare an invaluable example of feminine religious and mystical practice in modern-day Central Asia.

The Redaction
CER: I-5.3.D-486