In a spirit that is not remote from that of the Central Eurasian Reader, the author introduces an impressive commented bibliography or books and papers published mainly in Russian and Tajik on the linguistics of Tajik language, from the beginnings of the Russian conquest of Central Asia till the eve of Perestroika.  Each reference is followed by a short descriptive comment.  As always in this type of work published in the former Soviet space, one can deplore the lack of a thematic index that would have guided the reader through the maze of references (there are some 5,500 of them) classified only by alphabetical order of the authors.  However, and although it does not trace real historical perspectives, the work provides, as far as publications in Russian and Tajik languages are concerned, an interesting and complete basis for future epistemological studies.

Alexandre Papas, National Centre for Scientific Research, Paris
CER: I-1.1.A-9