The author first surveys the history of relations between modern-day Turkey and Central Asia.  He then offers an overview of the respective specificities of the first generations of researchers on Central Eurasia, before and after wwii, in the 1980s (the “Perestroika generation”), and in the 1990s (stressing the strong presence of Turkish scholars in academic institutions of the former USSR).  The second part of the article depicts the main research institutions, public and private, and journals.  The conclusion evokes several major works, the result of a collaboration of researchers from the whole country and many others from all over the world—like the encyclopaedia Türkler [The Turks] edited by Hasan Celal Güzel, Kemal Çiçek and Salim Koca, with a number of notices about Central Eurasian history, politics, economy, society, culture, and religion.

The Redaction
CER: I-1.2.C-93