This book is devoted to Middle Eastern (Turkish, Iranian) as well as Central Asian cinema, the latter representing a minor part of the book.  The author has selected interviews taken at different international film festivals, or during journeys in Central Asia.  She introduces mainly the last generation of movie-makers.  After a short introduction on each film-maker career, she provides the text of her interview with the latter on his/her works, ending each portrait by a biography and a personal filmography.  The book ends with a detailed filmography for each country (in alphabetic order).  Kyrgyz cinema is well represented through almost all the national movie-makers.  Along with one interview of the writer Ch. Aitmatov, who has played a significant role in the rise of Kyrgyz national cinema, one can find interviews of A. Abdykalykov, E. Abdyjaparov, G. Bazarov and T. Okeev.  Concerning Kazakhstan, the author proposes interviews of A. Amirkulov, E. Shinarbaev, S. Arpimov, R. Nugmanov.  We can only regret that D. Omirbaev is missing.  The book is less talkative on other Central Asian countries: Tajikistan (T. Sabirov), Turkmenistan (H. Kakabev) and Uzbekistan (Z. Musakov, Iu. Razikov).  All theses interviews bring large information about the social, political and economic context of creation in post-Perestroika Central Asia, as well as details about artistic aspects (inspiration and creative process).  The historical background is also taken into account through the author’s questioning.

Cloé Drieu, French Institute of Central Asian Studies, Tashkent – Paris
CER: I-4.6-385