The first experiment of a bilingual Tajik-French Dictionary based on Central Asian Persian language in its present state, this lexicon of some 15,000 notices is due for the most part to the efforts by Professor Shakir Mukhtar (dead in February 2004), a teacher of French language in the Pedagogical Institute (now University) of Dushanbe, and a historian of Iranian studies in France.  An adaptation of Soviet lexicographic tradition, it is based on a solid though slightly outdated fundament.  One may regret in particular that the rich corpus made of by the young literature published in Dushanbe since the last ten years of the Soviet period, characterised by lexicographic research and interest in oral traditions, has not been solicited, since this lacuna deprives the specialists of contemporary Tajik literature of a reference work that continues to miss, not only in the Francophone world.

Stéphane A. Dudoignon, National Centre for Scientific Research, Paris
CER: I-6.2.B-541