This book provides, for the first time, an edition of a selection of texts by four prominent Muslim intellectuals of Soviet and early post-Soviet Uzbekistan—Shami Damulla (1867/70-1932), Mawlawi Hindustani (1892-1989), Nasr al-Din Damulla Toychiyev (1936-90), and Muhammad-Sadiq Muhammad-Yusuf—, as these texts have been preserved till our days in private archives.  Preceded by short but very useful historical introductions, the texts are published in their original Arabic, Persian, or Turkic version with a Russian and an English translation.  They will no doubt allow the researchers specialising in the modern history of Islam to renew the admitted visions of ‘Soviet Islam’ in Central Asia—revealing notably the strong political character of many disputes between ‘ulama of different trends (for instance that on a madhhab–less Islam), a dimension still very much underestimated in practically all the recent literature on Central Asian Islam during the Soviet period.  They also open perspectives for a more precise assessment of present-day underground movements usually grouped in the West under global derogatory denominations.

The Redaction
CER: I-5.3.D-462