Despite many inaccuracies, this is doubtlessly the best English and Uzbek dictionary published in Uzbekistan to date and probably the only English to Uzbek dictionary worth being used (compare for example to J. Bo’ronov et alii, Ingilizcha-Uzbekcha Lug’at, Tashkent, 2001).  The Uzbek to English section certainly does not compare with Krippes’ Uzbek-English Dictionary (Kensington, 1996) in terms of preciseness, and one regrets that the authors lacked an informant with better command of English, singularly in the case of English translations of Uzbek items.  Still, the present dictionary is richer in terms of volume of lexical items and examples than any previous one.  Uzbek entries and Uzbek translations of English words reflect almost thoroughly nowadays standard language, particularly regarding new lexical items and new meanings.  The book, clearly dedicated to Uzbek speakers, may nevertheless be useful to foreign researchers reading and writing Uzbek.

François Ömer Akakça, Humboldt University, Paris
CER: I-6.3.C-601