Belonging to a genre of publication widely represented in post-Soviet regional and local studies, this album of 370 photographs contains reproductions of archive negatives from varied Russian public collections: of the Imperial Commission for Archaeology (1859-1917), of the Society of Archaeology of Russia in St. Petersburg (1846-1925), of the Committee for the Popularisation of Art Edition (1920-31), of the Shuvalov Museum of St. Petersburg (1922-5), of the Winter Palace Library (till 1917), of the Marble Palace Library (till 1917), and of the Academy for the History of Material Culture and its successor organisations in St. Petersburg (1919-91). The catalogue properly said is preceded by an introduction in Turkish and Russian to these varied collections, as well as with an article consisting of a series of biographical notes on the main photographers of the Crimea in the Tsarist period, from Jan Barczewski (1851-1948) to Anatolii Iakobson (1900-84), with short bibliographies on each when available. The photographs are presented place by place, and they have been dispatched into two sections: the first on the littoral of the Crimean peninsula, the second on the steppe and mountain regions on the hinterland. The whole set provides a good iconographic introduction to the architecture of the Crimea, with representation of different periods and types of buildings.

Stéphane A. Dudoignon, National Centre for Scientific Research, Paris
CER: II-3.2.C-175