The book proposes a reprint of articles published in the journal Acta Eurasica / Vestnik Evrazii since the latter’s creation in 1996, until 2002.  The journal deals with the overall post-Soviet Eurasia and, cutting off with ‘Orientalist’ approaches that have long been dominating in the former USSR, it gives a lot of room to social sciences—revisiting great founding myths through the problematic of the relations between state and society.  Significant contributions can be found of the sociology of migrations (Russian refugees in the Russian Federation, Tajikistani refugees in Western Siberia, etc.), on the social movements and phenomena of the last thirty years (youth bands in the big cities of the USSR), on the history of perceptions and representations of what is commonly called nowadays ‘Central Eurasia’ (by Russia’s colonial authorities in the nineteenth century, by the Eurasian movement of the 1920s, and its current reinterpretations among ‘neo-Eurasians’, etc.).  The journal’s distrust toward established categories, its comparative spirit, its permanent effort at a diachronic approach, and its openness to international contributions enhance the value of this publication—that has become in few years one of the major forums of research on the contemporary societies of Central Eurasia.

Stéphane A. Dudoignon, National Centre for Scientific Research, Paris
CER: I-1.3.A-99