During the last decades, varied Iranian institutions and scholars have supported and worked to the cataloguing of main and minor collections of Persian manuscripts preserved outside of Iran.  Such this the case of the catalogue of the notable collection of the al-Biruni Oriental Institute of Tashkent of which the second volume compiled by Farid Ghassemlu is now published by the Centre of the Sources of Diplomatic History of the Iranian Foreign Ministry in Tehran.  The publication of this volume comes several years after that of the one (Qom, Ketabkhane-ye Mar‘ashi-Najafi, 1378/1999, in collaboration with the Markaz-e asnad va tarikh-e diplomasi), where manuscripts regarding history, medicine and poetries have been described.  This second volume by Farid Ghassemlu is devoted to the works on ‘irfan and Sufism, and includes as well a certain numbers of works dealing with history, philosophy and ethics.  (Some of the manuscripts on mysticism of the collection had been already the object of a more concise hand-list edited under the supervision of Majani, Urinbaev, Bahramiyan and Musayeff, Qom, 1381/2002.)  The volume by Ghassemlu describes in all 679 works listed in alphabetic order (pp. 1-241).  For each work are specified the subject, the collection number, the incipit and the end, the physical description of the codex.  A brief outline of the work is provided in the beginning of each notice, enriched in some cases by short supplementary information.  The volume is opened by the introduction of the author (pp. 3-8) and it is accompanied at the end by five indexes (pp. 243-332) that list the names of authors and titles of works, names of copyists, year of transcription in chronological order (the oldest codex preserved is dated 526 h.q.), the centuries of undated works, the order of the works according to their collection number.

Fabrizio Speziale, Papal Gregorian University of Rome
CER: I-1.1.B-13