This notice on the agreement ending the First Russo-Persian War (1803-13) pictures the military operations (shedding light on the impact of British support, after the Treaty of Tilsit between France and Russia, upon the Persian successes in 1810-2), the diplomatic interventions that led to the treaty (stressing the struggle between Napoleonic France and Great Britain, and the British pressures on the Qajars for concessions in order to avoid further Russian advance southward), and the settlement of Gulistan and its consequences (Persia’s loss of sovereignty in the Caucasus, Russia’s increasing role in the Persian affairs, while Russia’s territorial ambitions—particularly those of its military officers in the Caucasus—remained unsatisfied: a factor of the Second Russo-Persian War of 1826-8).  The long and substantial bibliography of sources and research works in Persian and English does not reveal a very big interest in Russian-language literature.

The Redaction
CER: I-3.3.C-237