This notice is devoted to the famous historian Hafiz-i Abru (d. shawwal 853/June 1430), the author of a substantial historiographical work, who belonged to the entourage of the Timurid rulers: Tamerlan, whom he accompanied in his campaigns, Shahrukh and his son Baysunghur—all his works having been written under Shahrukh’s reign.  The interest of this article lies in its introduction of Hafiz-i Abru’s writings, the complex chronology of which had been established by F. Tauer.  Six prominent text compilations, of uneven interest, are brought to the historian’s credit.  The notice succinctly describes each work’s content, providing the sources on which Hafiz-i Abru has relied (existing publications are mentioned) and assessing its historical value.  The authors observe that a lot of questions remain unanswered, e.g. on the way this prolific historian used to collect and use his sources (on this, see the introduction by M. M. Zanjani to his partial edition of the Majma‘ al-tawarikh al-sutlaniyya, 1985).  At the end of the notice, the reader will find an excellent bibliography of modern studies.  On the other hand, one can deplore that the authors have not better underlined the link between the Timurids and the Ilkhanids though the former, in the numerous historical works commissioned by them, showed a great interest in the latter’s historiographical heritage.  Hafiz-i Abru himself played an active role in the preservation of that heritage when he wrote his Dhayl-i Jami‘ al-tawarikh:  A significant part of the information provided by him about Öljeitü’s reign comes from Jamal al-Din Kashani, and those about Abu Sa‘id’s reign from Hamd-Allah Mustawfi Qazwini’s poorly accessible Zafar-nama, though Hafiz-i Abru’s text also contains original data.

Denise Aigle, EPHE, Paris
CER: I-2.1-120