This article is a defence and illustration of the tradition of Iranian studies at the University of Toronto since their emergence in 1961 as a major sub-field of the newly established Department of Islamic Studies (now the Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilisation). The author casts light on the evolution of the domain, from history of Iran and classical Persian literary studies to a wider range of disciplines and approaches. Three important factors are identified in this development: the academic interest of Professors George Michael Wickens and Roger Savory; the development of an exceptional library collection on the Iranian world; and the presence of the Royal Ontario Museum. To these historical elements is still added the ever-increasing assembly, since the early 1980s, of students of Iranian background. Among those personalities who contributed to the further development of Iranian studies at Toronto are mentioned Maria E. Subtelny, especially for mediaeval Persian culture, with particular interest in the Timurid period, and Lisa Golombek at the Royal Ontario Museum for her studies on sixteenth and seventeenth-century ceramic in Iran and Central Asia.

The Redaction
CER: II-1.2.A-32