Islam in China deals with a complicated issue, i.e. the relations between the Hans and the Muslim minorities such as Huis, secondarily Uighurs, Panthays, etc.  It aims at explaining the process of sinicisation of minorities/nationalities (minzus) implemented by the People’s Republic.  Naturally, such an ambition requires much more material and conceptualisation than a short book can submit.  Indeed, the bibliography is very sparse with, here and there, irrelevant titles while important ones are missing.  The author provides admittedly first-hand, interesting, information on different Muslim minzus (for example some individuals cases pp. 26, 94-5; places visited pp. 79-80), but he fails to go beyond an impressionistic and somewhat usual picture.

Alexandre Papas, National Centre for Scientific Research, Paris
CER: I-5.3.E-502