Such a volume represents a brilliant symbol of the continuity as well as of the renewal of Islamic Studies in Russia, after several years of difficulties.  Started in 1997 at the initiative of Stanislas M. Prozorov and the St Petersburg Branch of the Institute of Oriental Studies, the project has fulfilled its promises:  This hard-cover, nicely edited, thick reference book is the revised compilation of the four first volumes of the Slovar’ (published in four fascicles).  Written by scholars from almost all over the world, the 255 articles here gathered cover the former Russian Empire (including the Soviet and post-Soviet periods) and every aspect of Islam: from Muslim intellectuals to saints, from madrasas to shrines, from festivals to rituals, from ethnic to religious groups, etc.  The appendixes contain useful indexes and bibliographical references.  One can hope, first, that the project will continue as successfully as it has been handled until now and, second, that sooner or later an English translation will be available.

Alexandre Papas, National Centre for Scientific Research, Paris
CER: I-1.3.C-108