This curious, though undoubtedly useful bilingual Russian and English bibliography consists of lists of commented references of the most varied kinds on different moments of the history of Fergana, from the mid-eighteenth century to the abolition of the Khanate of Kokand in 1876. The different periods isolated by the compilers are: the territorial expansion of the Khanate in the first half of the nineteenth century; the Khanate’s diplomacy and foreign trade; the political situation in the aftermath of the conquest by Nasr-Allah Bahadur Khan of Bukhara; its study by foreign, mainly Russian scholars; Russian expansion in Central Asia; the uprisings of the years 1873-6 and the Khanate’s final annexation to the territory of the Russian Empire. Special sections are devoted to dissertations on the history of the Khanate (pp. 72-7), to the development of historiography since the independence of Uzbekistan (77-81), and to a choice of most recent non-Uzbekistani publications (81-3). Classified by alphabetical order of authors’ names, the lists of references mix varied categories of primary sources, vernacular or Russian, with modern historical studies. Each reference is followed by a very short descriptive comment. As one may have expected, though this remains no less deplorable some twenty years after independence, no room has been made to publications coming from outside Uzbekistan and Russia.

The Redaction
CER: II-1.1.A-1