As an appendix to a substantial volume on the language and oral tradition of the Karachays & Balkars, the author provides a rich selection of Cyrillic transcriptions of texts from varied genres of this oral tradition: a large variety of songs, including the autumn ritual song Güdürü, songs related with hunting (like Ashtorur bla Batoq Bii), song on epic and historical themes (like the “Elegy for the Karachay Youth Killed at the Fall of the Fortress of Majar”), and themes of the Narts epics.  For each piece the Editor has indicated the name of the informant (most of the time representatives of the elder generation), the place of the taping, and the place of preservation of the tape (mostly in the Kabard & Balkar Institute for Humanitarian Studies).  Each original text is followed by a translation into Russian prose.

The Redaction
CER: I-6.3.D-604