The author, a former teacher of English at the Karakalpak State University, has translated twenty tales and classified them into two categories: “Tales based on life” and “Fairy tales”. The book begins with a short introduction to the history of the Karakalpaks, from the Massagete period (sixth century BC) to 1936, the date when the Karakalpak Autonomous Republic was incorporated into Uzbekistan. Unfortunately, the book conveys no information about the tales themselves, as well as on the history of tale collecting, which is actually quite rich among Karakalpak scholars. However, this compendium, one of the first ones on this matter ever published in English language, gives valuable information on the Karakalpak society (beliefs, traditional behaviours. . .).

Frédéric Léotar, University of Montreal
CER: II-5.3.A-470