On the basis of family traditions and other oral testimonies, the author brings some corrections to existing biographies of Mulla Yuldash Turabay-ughli ‘Khilwati’ (wilayat of Namangan, 1858–ibid., 1921).  A grandson, through his mother line, and an imitator of the gnostic poet Huwayda, Khilwati received his intellectual education from a certain Mulla ‘Azim in the Yuldashbay Madrasa of Namangan, before teaching himself in his native village of Jiydakapa, besides practicing agriculture.  Two seals and a limited amount of fatwas bear testimony of his activity as a mufti, though Khilwati seems to have always refused nominations as a qazi.  His poetical work bears testimony of his wide literary culture in Turkic and Persian languages, of his familiarity with the heritage of the Kokand school of poetry, and of the ethic teachings of the Naqshbandiyya mystical path.  After his recent rediscovery as a spiritual authority of the district of Jiydakapa, his name has been given to a local junior highschool.

The Redaction
CER: I-6.3.C-582