This article deals with an Ottoman document established in 1820 on a correspondence sent by the ‘Umar Khan of Kokand to Sultan Mahmud ii for offering submission (ita‘at).  The analysis stresses the misuderstanding that preveiled in the relations between the Sublime Porte and Central Asian khanates from the very beginning of their history.  At the same time the author insists on the significance of primary sources located in Istanbul for the political history of Central Asia at large in the nineteenth century.  The study is followed by a transcription of the document with a summarised translation and notes.  First publication in Japanese: “Kokando to Isutanburu: ichi osuman bunsho no shokai,” Barukan Shoajia kenkyu 15 (1989): 35-52.

The Redaction
CER: I-3.4.B-270