The author of a yet unpublished PhD dissertation on Youth in Post-Soviet Central Asia: Exploring Transition, Globalisation and Youth Culture in the Ferghana Valley (London: School of Oriental and African Studies, 2009), S. B. Kirmse explores the participation of university students in international donor-funded ngos in the city of Osh, Kyrgyzstan. He notably shows that, whatever the foreign donors’ terms of reference, these oftentimes unsupervised youth-oriented clubs and ngos provide young people with opportunities for entrepreneurship, for leisure pursuits, and for experimentations with their fantasies. Offering alternative spaces to the collapse of the state sector, they also contribute towards the emergence of new dependencies between international actors and local society. While creating the conditions of potential conflict between generations and groups that do promote ideals different from the Western ones, they hamper local initiative as activists become psychologically dependent on foreign aid. In all, the author proposes one of the subtlest to date assessments of the direct and direct impacts of international intervention in Central Asian societies.

The Redaction
CER: II-6.4.D-521