Identifying nine madrasas active in pre-Soviet Istrawshan (in present-day northern Tajikistan), the author insists on the prominence of two of them (the Rustam Bek Madrasa and the Madrasa of Sultan ‘Abd al-Latif, alias ‘Gok Gunbadh’, recently restored and returned to its initial function), associating the others with the mosques of local malls (gudhars: Khwajagan, Alkaran, Sarban, Digrizan, Namazgah, Akhunan, Dahbid). The last paragraph provides a list of names of the city’s madrasa teachers (Muhammad Salih Khwaja, Mulla ‘Abd al-Hakim, Razi Dawran in Namazgah; Sufi Hajji Ishan ‘Arif Khwaja in Akhunan; Dhikriyya Damulla, Mulla Asrar, Mulla Nazir, Mulla Nasr-Allah, Mulla Salih in Khwajagan). Unfortunately, neither the sources nor the methods of collection of the information have been indicated.

Stéphane A. Dudoignon, National Centre for Scientific Research, Paris
CER: II-4.3.D-400