In Russia’s historiography a whole ensemble of research has been devoted to the traditional religion of the Chuvash, from which the present research article can be distinguished by its originality. It is characterised by an innovative view of the subject, laying on an approach in social psychology. The author analyses the history of Chuvash traditional beliefs by focusing on two objects of worship, the Kiremet and the Ierekh. According to Goto M., they are respectively a malicious male and a malicious female spirits. The author considers that a transformation of their image has occurred in mass consciousness as a result of complex an interaction between two interrelated subjects of historical process, viz. the Orthodox Church and followers of traditional beliefs. In all, despite some technical errors (the translation of sources from Chuvash language into English is not always executed at the required scientific level), the present article offers an important contribution to the understanding of the historical realities of the Chuvash world.

Gennadii А. Nikolaev, Chuvash State Institute for Humanities, Cheboksary
CER: II-4.1.C-335