Ab Imperio publishes here several pieces of correspondence between Eurasianists, notably those of N. S. Troubetzskoy to P. P. Suvchinskii.  As S. Glebov explains in his presentation, the archive of art critic P. P. Suvchinskii (preserved in the Music Department of the National Library of France in Paris) comprises a unique source for understanding the dynamics at work in the Eurasianist movement in the 1920s:  Gathered in it are not only letters by some of the most orthodox Eurasianists, but also by leftist dissidents of the movement who more or less supported the Soviet Union.  It also contains correspondence between N. S. Troubetzskoy and P. P. Suvchinskii from 1921 to 1929.  Despite their political differences, Troubetzskoy regarded Suvchinskii as the person closest to him.  These archival documents also provide valuable information on the financing of the movement and its contacts with the Soviet secret services.  This information is to be found in particular in the letters of P. S. Arapov who had managed to bring the Eurasiansist movement in contact with the Trest movement, which itself had been founded by the OGPU in a bid to infiltrate the Emigration.  It can only be hoped that this correspondence will one day be published in full and studied in detail.

Marlène Laruelle, Woodrow Wilson Centre, Washington, DC
CER: I-1.2.A-33