Ähmätjanov, M. I.. Miraskhanä: Fond Häm Kollektsiialär Kürsätkeche. Tatarstan Respublikasy Fännär Akademiiase, G. Ibrahimov Isemendäge Tel, Ädäbiiat Häm Sängat’ Instituty. Kazan: s.n., 2005.

This captivating though quite elusive index provides a guide to the collection of manuscripts and documents, written and iconographic, preserved in the Galimjan Ibrahimov Institute of Language, Literature and Arts of the Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan in Kazan. Elaborated since the 1940s, this collection offers a unique set of primary documentation on history writing, literature, philosophy, religion, music and art as they have been practiced in the Volga-Urals region from the eleventh to the twentieth century, through studies by modern and contemporary writers and scientists. The fund is introduced thematically, in connection with (1) modern and contemporary writers, literary movements and institutions; (2) nineteenth- and twentieth-century linguists of Tatar language; (3) opinion leaders, columnists and publishers ― with a section on early-twentieth-century publishing houses specialising in Arabic language publications ―; (4) specialists of oral traditions; (5) historians, archaeologists, ethnographers and their expeditions ― with a subsection consisting of letters by WWII soldiers; (6) arts and crafts. Besides a very short description of each fund, notices provide evocation of the biography of each figure, or a historical survey of each documented movement and institution.

The Redaction
CER: II-1.1.B-9