The author provides a very short overview of the academic literature devoted to the architecture of the Timurid period since the beginning of the Soviet period (Bartol’d, Viatkin, Masson, Iakubovskii, Aleskerov, Nil’sen, Rtveladze, and indeed Pugachenkova). As it is most often the case in human sciences as they are practices in Uzbekistan, the international bibliography has been let aside of the scope of this panorama. The article is concluded by overall considerations on the enrichment of the regional building tradition by architects of the Timurid time, on the mutual exchanges between practitioners from varied regions of the Timurid Empire, and on progression towards monumentality in the course of the fifteenth century.

Stéphane A. Dudoignon, National Centre for Scientific Research, Paris
CER: II-3.4.B-263