A short, idle introduction on the Aryans’ alleged religious toleration is followed by an overview of the neighbouring of holy figures and symbols of varied religious traditions in pre-modern Persian verse ― (1) figureheads of the religions of the Book (Abraham, Noah, Jesus, Muhammad); founding fathers of leading Sunni madhhabs; Islamised legendary figures like Khizr; (2) holy places and symbols (the Ka‘ba, the Cross, the Buddhist temple . . .); (3) holy books from the Avesta to the Qur’an; (4) religious titles and dignities. The second part is devoted to nominal compounds bearing reference to type-figures of the Jewish and Christian traditions (e.g., ‘isadam, yusufnigar). The last paragraphs evoke the presence of names of varied origins ― including Russian and Soviet ― in Persian onomastic practice in Central Asia.

The Redaction
CER: II-5.2.B-453