The author shortly describes a 833 page long Chaghatay manuscript studied by him in 1992, in the Library of the University of Istanbul (TU 2448).  Dated of the mid-1880s, the work, by a certain Makhzuni, has been entitled by the librarians “History of the Khans of Fergana”.  The text deals in fact with the reigns of Khudayar Khan and, to a lesser extent, of his father Shir ‘Ali Khan (1842-75).  It ends up with a depiction of Khudayar’s exile in Istanbul and of his death in Afghanistan, and with an evocation of ‘Abd al-Rahman Efendi’s Ottoman embassy to Tashkent in the aftermath of the khan’s end.  The text differs from other vernacular narrative chronicles of the same period by its deliberately epic character, and by its minute description of a large number of events, notably those following Khudayar’s deposing. (See the review of the whole volume Istochnikovedenie Kyrgyzstana in supra 86.)

The Redaction
CER: I-3.4.B-276