This small panoramic work, that is characteristic of the current revival of local urban history in Central Asia, comes after the works by the Tajik medievalist Ahror Mukhtorov on the ancient Usrushana (present-day Istrawshan, or Ura-Teppa, in northern Tajikistan).  The author proposes a brief geographical and historical depiction of the city and of its region.  Based on numerous Persian narrative sources from the tenth to the early twentieth centuries, the book gives a large room to the ancient and medieval periods, until the Mongol period; it ends, in a way that is also characteristic of current local history-writing in Central Asia, with a short chapter (pp. 155-166) on the life of a great mystic attached with the city’s history: Abu Bakr Shibli Khurasani Baghdadi (247-334/861-945).

The Redaction
CER: I-2.4-140