In the years 1910-11, in a context of growing concern by Russian authorities on the political sympathies of the population of Turkistan towards Turkey, Nikolai P. Ostroumov (1846-1930), a leading figure of Oriental studies on Central Asia and then the Chief Inspector of the teaching institutions of the Turkistan Territory, evokes the sympathies of a majority of teachers of Jadid schools for the Union & Progress Committee. In spite of the reception by Ostroumov of a denunciatory letter against activist Munawwar Qari b. ‘Abd al-Rashid Khan (1878-1931), a leading figure of the Jadid movement in Tashkent, the general policy of Russian administration in Turkistan remained focused on the establishment of a tighter control over indigenous (tuzemnye) schools, notably through the adoption of a set of ex post facto rules in January 1912.

The Redaction
CER: II-3.4.C-278