A well-known specialist of the current expansion of Protestant Christianity in northern Central Asia, the author assesses the respective implantation of varied historical denominations in Kyrgyzstan: the Church of the Adventists of the Seventh Day; the Church of Jesus Christ; Jehovah’s witnesses; the Evangelist Baptist Christians; the United Church of the of the Christians of the Evangelist Faith; the Church of the Salute; the ‘Emmanuel’ Church of the Evangelist Presbyterian Christians, as well as several newcomers: the ‘Hope’ Church, the ‘Antiochia’ Church, the ‘Southern’ Church, the ‘Church in Bishkek’, the ‘Source of Life’ Church, and a small and closed group in Naryn.  A special chapter is devoted to the limited missionary activity of the Russian Orthodox Church among the Kyrgyz of the Issyk-Kul region.  The author stresses the obstacles and limitations that the main historical Protestant denominations have to cope with in their effort to adapt their missionary activity to the cultural specificities of their vernacular audience.

The Redaction
CER: I-5.1.C-411