Until now the memories on the year 1917 by the political activist, memories writer and historian from Russian Turkistan Mustafa Chuqay (1890-1941) were known through a version published in Paris in 1937, and reedited in Ankara in 1988 under the title 1917 yılı hatıra parçaları.  An original Russian version has been recently rediscovered in Moscow archives by the historian Salavat Iskhakov who provides an integral and critical edition of it, completed by an index that was missing in the previous publications.  Although incomplete if compared with the Turkish version (notably on the relations between the political parties “‘Ulama Jam‘iyyati” and “Shura-yi Islamiyya”), this Russian text paradoxically provides a variant more respectful of the numerous proper names and of the specific terminology of the revolutionary period in Central Asia.

The Redaction
CER: I-3.4.C-288