This very short article casts light on a recently discovered semi-popular epic cycle on the Khwarezmian fighter and champion of jawanmardiliq (or futuwwat, the Arabic, Persian and Turkic pre-modern code of male virtues) Pahlawan Mahmud (1247-1326; on him, see the previously published collections of stories: Hazrati Pahlavon alaihirahma, Khiva, 1998; Pahlavon Mahmud: Polvon ota hikoiatlari, Tashkent, 2001). Recorded on paper in 1786 by a certain Mulla Jum‘a-Niyaz Ishan, this 636-mithra‘-long dastan was transcribed into Cyrillic by a literati from Tashhawuz before being entrusted to a local journalist, and serialised in the journal Khiva from 1997 to 1999. The author offers a short analysis of the text written in rhymed prose (saj‘), underlying its observance of the canons of the epic genre, especially from the viewpoint of advocated moral values.

Stéphane A. Dudoignon, National Centre for Scientific Research, Paris
CER: II-5.3.B-477