This article contains the Arabic script texts, transliteration, annotated Japanese translation and comment of nine Chagatay-Turkic documents discovered by Prof. Sunao Hori (Konan University, Japan) in the First Historical Archive of China at Beijing. All documents are attached to the copies of reports from local government officials to the emperor dated from the 16th year of Jiaqing (1811) to the 28th year of Daoguang (1848), duplicated by the Grand Council of the central government, Junjichu. Some of them are diplomatic documents sent from the Khanate of Kokand to the Qing state, and the others also concern the political affairs of the khanate. Checking the original texts with their Chinese translations, the author brings to light the fact that in some cases Qing officials manipulated the imports of the Kokand letters in order to conceal from the emperor Kokand’s claim for a fulfilment of “the first unequal agreement of China” concluded in 1832, before the treaty of Nanjing.

Nakanishi Tatsuya, University of Kyoto
CER: II-3.4.B-249