This rich volume presents an English translation of a selection of fundamental documents (statuses, programmes, charts, rules, congress resolutions, interviews of leaders) of a number of alternative political organisations of Perestroika and of the first years of independence in the “Muslim” republics of the former USSR (Azerbaijan and the five Central Asian NIS).  Each section is devoted to a specific country:  It is open with a panoramic introduction on the country’s history, in particular that of the political movements and parties of the period 1985-2000.  To be signalled, notably: a study on Turkmenistan’s rare alternative organisations and, for Tajikistan, the translation of documents emanating from understudied movements (such as the local movements “Resurrection [Ihiya]” of Khujand, in the north, and “Transparency [Ashkara]” in Kulab, in the south of the country).  In spite of the borrowing of these texts from second-hand publications (notably from more or less recent studies on these movements and parties), and of the limited political impact of most of them, the collection that has been constituted here provides historians of the 1990s in Central Eurasia with a very interesting basis for reflection.

The Redaction
CER: I-3.4.D-318