A short decade after a monograph on “Russian Military Specialists on Asia (Dushanbe, 1997)” and a number of books on a wide range of subjects, the author, now a teacher in the Slavic University of Bishkek, provides the readership with an unexpected but prettily published and interestingly illustrated monograph on Russian military in Xinjiang during the last half-century of the Tsarist period.  Although intended for a large audience and based for the most part on already published materials (including some by the author himself) on the role of the Russian military of the late colonial period in the study of Eastern Central Asia, the book is worth of the specialists’ interest thanks to its abundant primary material (notably photographic) from different archive funds in Russia and Uzbekistan, thanks also to the synthetic chapters devoted to modern Russian geographic and ethnographic studies on Kashgharia, and thanks to Russian depictions of the administrative organisation and commercial life of the region under the late Qing administration.

Stéphane A. Dudoignon, National Centre for Scientific Research, Paris
CER: I-3.5.C-346