This article shortly deals with the issues of conversion to Islam of Turkic tribal rulers in the former eastern part of the Chaghatay Ulus (present-day Semireche, Kyrgyzstan and parts of Eastern Turkistan), under Tughluq-Timur Khan (r. 1347/8 – 1363/4) and his successors. Espousing the narrative conveyed by the Ta’rikh-i Rashidi, the author insists on the role played respectively by Tughluq-Timur and Khizr Khwaja Khan (r. 1389-1399/1400) in the initial conversion of the Dughlat tribal élite, and in the diffusion of Islam towards the oasis cities of the northern part of Eastern Turkistan.

The Redaction
CER: II-4.3.E-420