This note by H. Kirakosian, from the Arya International University of Yerevan, examines an obscure phrase in ancient Azerbaijani attested in the Tawzat al-jinan wa jannat al-jinan by sixteenth-century historiographer from Tabriz Hafiz Husayn Karbalayi. The story containing the phrase is about Mama ‘Ismat Aspasti (اسپستی), a fifteenth-century Sufi woman from a village near Tabriz. The curse of Mama ‘Ismat may have possibly looked like: Jägastani hay pisin dem (جگستانی هپیسیندیم): “Oh you, damned, disgusting muzzle” (lit.: “[Hey you,] one of the loathsomes, o disgusting muzzle”).

The Redaction
CER: II-5.3.C-481