This text is a new publication of the English version first published in 1927 with footnote comments.  Only a part of this famous Syriac text discovered in the nineteenth century has been translated here.  This part consists of the history of two Nestorian monks, Rabban Sawma and Rabban Marcos, who left China for making the pilgrimage to Jerusalem.  At their arrival to Baghdad, the latter was named Metropolitan of the Nestorian Christians of the Persian Ilkhanate, under the name Yahballaha iii, whence his companion Rabban Sawma received the function of General Visitor.  The text is continues with a description of the mission sent by the Ilkhan Arghun to the West, with the participation of Rabban Sawma.  The translation ends with the narrative of the mission’s return, and of the Nestorian monk’s death.

The text is preceded by a historical introduction and a presentation of the Nestorian Church.  Given the relatively ancient date of this translation’s first publication, the introduction and the footnote comments have become obsolete.  The reader should refer to the excellent annotated translation of the Syriac text published in 2000 by P. Giorgio Borbone.

Denise Aigle, EPHE, Paris
CER: I-3.1.B-176