Galesh is a term used throughout the Caspian regions of Mazandaran and Gilan to designate professional cattle herders who until recently led a seasonal nomadic life in the jungles located on the northern foothills of the Elburz mountain range. The present article provides the Latin transcription and English translation of two texts collected by the authors in 2002 from a galesh ranch south of the city of Sari in east-central Mazandaran. Both are related by a patriarch to his long life and resistance against the law of the Islamic Republic forcing galesh families to definitively evacuate the forest. The first account narrates the informant’s elopement with Baji, whom he married against her father’s will; the second is an expression of the galesh’ fondness for the forest beyond the successive transformations of the White Revolution in the 1960s (obliging the galesh to rent the grassland from the state instead of paying the feudal landowners) and of the Islamic Republic (forcing the herdsmen out of the forest, where only the patriarch resists after the younger members of his family have resettled to nearby towns and villages). Additional data on the cattle economy are to be displayed in a future publication.

The Redaction
CER: II-5.2.A-432