This jubilee article on the influential Bukharan philologist T. Qoraev (b. 1936) summarises the latter’s research and teaching activity, from his early works on Turkic literature in Bukhara from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century, and on the collection of Turkic verses by the poet from Kitab Mulla Qurban ‘Khirami’ (1796–?)—to whom T. Qoraev has devoted an impressive series of monographs and papers—to later studies on the nineteenth-century milieu of Turkic poets in Bukhara (Mujrim-‘Abid, Achildi-Murad ‘Miri’, ‘Sawda’, Talib Talibi, ‘Naqis’, ‘Shawqi’, ‘Muztarr’, ‘Wala’, ‘Sahba’, etc.); on Turkic gnostic poetry in Central Asia trough the works of Yasawi and the Naqshbandi poet from Bukhara Khwaja ‘Ismat; on the identification of pennames (takhallus) of Central Asian Persian and Turkic poets (with R. Vohidov: Adabii takhalluslar lughati, 1978; Takhalluslar, 1979), on the Uzbek Soviet poet Rahmatulla Otaquziev ‘Uyghun’ (1905-90) and his relation to Russian literature.

The Redaction
CER: I-1.2.B-71