The number of novels by writers of the Turkic world translated into modern Turkish and published in Turkey increases day by day.  Recently, this number has reached the amount of 55 items per year.  The present book records 19 writers and 19 books of theirs.  Almost all of them are historical novels (situated in the Ghaznawid, Mongol, Timurid periods, in eighteenth-century Khiva, in Iran under Nadir Shah and during wwi, in the early Soviet Union during the famine, collectivisation, the ‘Red Terror’.  The author of this monograph insists on the focusing of these literary works on the level of the individual, his/her reality, feelings and inner world—novels being considered here valuable sources for the teaching of history from a variety of viewpoints.

İsmail Türkoğlu, Marmara University, Istanbul
CER: I-6.3.A-565