The oasis of Turfan is an interesting case of the history of the relations between the Huis and the Uighurs. Officially, according to the 1994 census, the city then counted 232,117 inhabitants, of which 166,945 Uighurs (80 per cent) and 17,559 Huis (8 per cent).  The article evokes successively the thirteenth century, when the Huihui populations were integrated to the Mongol contingents in Northwest China; the eighteenth century at the time of the Manchu conquest and the subsequent Hui migration through the army moves and settlements; the nineteenth century along which the Muslim revolts provoked interethnic solidarities as well as conflicts; and last but not least the twentieth century through which the population figures have been greatly changing.  Such a scope is obviously too large for a short article, so one could not say that its reader receives a lot of new information.

Alexandre Papas, National Centre for Scientific Research, Paris
CER: I-3.5.A-334