Rather than the historical thesis about the influence of Shamanism, Zoroastrianism, Mazdeism or Buddhism in the formation of magical traditions, the description of these practices and beliefs in present-day Uighur Muslim society arises interest.  The author mentions several Hadiths allowing magic against the Bad Eye (yaman köz) or bad spirits (perä, alvasti, yäng), also the curative use of certain Qur’anic suras, and last but not least several other curative manuals, such as: the Känzul Husäyni (nineteenth-century, in Persian then translated in Uighur), the Tä’vizati Sulayman (a pamphlet inspired from the classical Shams al-ma‘arif), and the Dakhanliq risalesi (explaining prays and incantations, as well as methods for influencing upon natural phenomena).

Alexandre Papas, National Centre for Scientific Research, Paris
CER: I-5.1.A-394