The Uzbek cult of momos—spirits protecting pregnant women and helping those expecting pregnancy—is evoked through the study of pan-Uzbek figures like Anbar Ona, Bibi Fotima, or Anaka Momo by reference to the works of ethnographers of the Soviet period (G. P. Snesarev, V. N. Basilov, O. Safarov), and through the case of ‘Tuvchi Momo’ now specifically venerated in some places of the Surkhan-Darya Valley.  Through personal observations and manuscript works written in the 1940s by the Uzbek ethnographer Burihol Hamroqulova, the author precisely describes the Tuesday and Friday rituals linked with the invocation of the “seven momos” (besides Tuvchi Momo: Sariq Momo, Qora Momo, Titti Momo, Ochil Momo, Gulsun Momo, and Yozil Momo), and their relation with the more commonly diffused cult of Bibi Mushkul.

Stéphane A. Dudoignon, National Centre for Scientific Research, Paris
CER: I-7.4.G-676