Instead of really developing since the closure of the Department of Dialectology of the Rudaki Institute of Tajik Language and Literature (Dushanbe), dialectological studies in Tajikistan have been looking into their past history (see also supra 36).  In this paper, a former student of the prominent Russian dialectologist Vera Sergeevna Rastorgueva in the Moscow State University sketches an intellectual biography of her teacher, with paragraphs on Rastorgueva’s study of Tajik dialects of the Warzab area (north of Dushanbe) and of the Fergana Valley, and on her global methodological contribution to the study of modern Iranian languages.  The authors also remembers her teacher’s role in the management of leading projects of the 1970s, notably in the publication of the five-volume collective monograph on “The Southern Dialects of the Tajik Language” in 1979-84, and in the publication of a first “Gilaki-Russian Dictionary” in 1980.  She finally recollects Rastorgueva’s interest in poorly documented modern Iranian languages of the North-Western group and in others like Baloch and Masarmi.  (A Persian translation of this paper is available pp. 211-20 of the Persian text, in the same issue of the journal.)

Stéphane A. Dudoignon, National Centre for Scientific Research, Paris
CER: I-1.2.B-67