After having presented the relations between the state of Ya‘qub Beg and the neighbouring empires (China, Russia and British India), the author details its diplomatic contacts with the Sublime Gate through the activities of Ya‘qub Khan Töre. Most of these details (drawn from the Ottoman archives, i.e. Sadaret Mektubi Kalemi Mühimme Evraki, Başbakanlı Osmanlı Arşivi and so forth) are actually well-known since the publication of Ho-Dong Kim’s book, Holy War in China (2004) ― a reference that the article unfortunately ignores. Nevertheless, it provides somehow “new” data, such as a translation of the firman sent by Sultan ‘Abdülaziz to Ya‘qub Beg, and elements on the last desperate efforts by the latter to obtain support from Sultan ‘Abdühamid II against the Chinese.

Alexandre Papas, National Centre for Scientific Research, Paris
CER: II-3.5.B-320